"In a Zen monastery one day there are twenty monks and a young nun who are studying.
The young nun is very pretty so many monks fall in love with her.
Then one day, one of them sends here a letter requesting a secret meeting.
She doesn't reply, and the next morning the Zen Master reads to the group ..
after the reading the young nun gets up and, in front of everybody, she says to the one who sent her the letter:

"Now, if you really love me, come up and kiss me."

You see, that's open love.

> All I know is I don't want to stay. I want to leave now.

I know, I've been through that too.
I suffered a lot, and then one day I understood that love is much bigger than that.
See, the way you love Oliver is for your own pleasure, your own satisfaction, but not for his.
That is, you take what you like, what suits you, but you don't give.

For example, there's the ocean.

The ocean is love

and then there's a little bottle floating in the ocean
a bottle with water inside it.. drifting in the ocean.
The little bottle is you
but if you break the bottle, no more solitary bottle
just the ocean.

- La Vallée (Obscured by Clouds)