i feel like i love someone the very first day , not after six years .
i don't call that love , that's more friendship .

you think they're really so different ?
basically , love and friendship are the same .

no, i'm never friends with someone i love .
love makes me mean .

i don't believe in love without friendship .

maybe , but for me friendship comes later .

whether it's sooner or later doesn't matter .
but friendship has something i hope love has too - respect for other's freedom .
it's not possessive .

i'm possessive . terribly possessive .

you shouldn't be . you'll ruin your life .

i know . i was born to be unhappy .
but no , i won't be unhappy .
i'm very happy . i only think of positive things .
people are unhappy because they want to be .
when i feel down i think about how there are happy times , and crying does no good anyway .
i think about how marvelous it is to be here , and how much fun i'm going to have .

what do you call having fun ?

having fun is being alive .
for instance , today i'm very happy .
tomorrow i may be sad . so then i think of something else .
i concentrate on one specific thing and how fantastic it is, and i'm happy for the rest of the day .

but when i'm in love , it occupies me totally and i forget that i'm happy to be alive .

you mustn't forget , you mustn't sacrifice life or happiness for love .